Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some future topics on Susan's Blog

Beaded Jewelry by Susan:  This is the shameless promotion of my etsy jewelry website that is the main motivation behind starting this blog. I'll show photos of recent creations, discuss the evolution of my bead addiction, ponder questions of organization and storage, talk about design principles, and generally update all who may be interested in the wonderful world of beaded jewelry on my various activities.

Fiction Corner:  This is a cozy spot near a fireplace with a bookshelf close at hand, a very comfy chair, and a small table. There are usually cats wandering in and out. I don't plan to bore anyone with lengthy book reviews (whew!). But I may well mention what I'm reading or just recently finished that I think is worth a brief comment. In addition of my own literary fiction reading, I read nonfiction from time to time with a small group of friends, so these books may come up in the Fiction Corner as well.

Feline Tales:  This section will, no doubt, include cute cat stories and photos of my six beauties: Sylvan, Yang, Panther, Toffee, Angel, and Angus. Felines belonging to friends and acquaintances may be praised here too, and odds and ends of cat health, nutrition, and general advice may be offered.

In the Garden:   I've been gardening (flower gardening) for more than 30 years. Although I can't really do much of the physical aspect of it anymore, I know a bit about flowering perennials, annuals, shrubs, alpines vines, and nonflowering plants like ferns. I might give some tips on growing in the Midwest, tell the history of my various gardens, include some digital photos of the present garden's rehabilitation, and discuss the pitfalls of being a soft-hearted gardener who has learned that it doesn't work to ignore garden maintenance. 

Films and Music:  No sound effects planned for this section, but mention of films worth viewing (DVDs in my case) and CDs that I like.

Armchair Philosopy:  Okay, I admit it. I'm an intellectual, I guess. I love to talk, read, write. I actually loved going to school ... for many many years. I'm not interested in a bunch of arguments about politics, religion, etc., however. I want to do armchair philosophy on the "big picture" issues. It remains to be seen what will be included. I'm most likely to hold forth if readers send me questions to ponder ...

If these potential topics sound like maybe your cup of tea (or coffee), let me know. If not, make suggestions. There may well be areas that I'm interested in without realizing it!

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