Thursday, October 15, 2009

Copyeditor's Lament

     It has taken me a while to sort out the mechanics of composing, editing, saving, and publishing posts on my blog. As a result, some errors have occurred in published posts. In Feline Tails, it was 37, not 27, years ago that I got my first generation of cats. In Armchair Philosophy, it is your lives, not their lives, dear readers, about which you would be adding comments.
     These errors are distressing to a copyeditor. After all, a copyeditor is a person who reads and proofs everything in his or her path. For example, I read menus in restaurants all the way through (before ordering, but I read fast, fortunately) and often spot errors. The waiters don't seem that interested for some reason. Because of my training in French, I'm especially sensitive to items such as "with au jus" -- which translates to "with with juice."
     Actually, I'm sorry to say that I am finding at least a half dozen typos per book in published novels that I read for pleasure and in online articles from the New York Times. It's a sad state of affairs to which I do not wish to add. (This is a clever take on Winston Churchill's "situation up with which I will not put," as a comment on putting the preposition at the end of the sentence.) I will try in the future to use the editing function correctly and avoid such problems.
     Dear readers, please comment and let me know if you'd like posts from time to time that discuss specific problems of punctuation (I do not fear semi-colons), style, or usage. Thank you.

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