Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby steps entering the 21st century

I'm not very computer savvy. My entry into the 21st-century work of social networking comes late in life, but it has mostly all happened in the past few months since I set up my etsy jewelry website at the end of April. Just recently (well, yesterday), I started this blog. A few days before, I started tweeting. A little before that I got a Facebook page (still haven't figured out how to set up a "fan" page). And a couple of weeks ago, I joined two groups on Flickr and uploaded photos. Egad! My head is spinning from the speed of social networking!

Anyway, tonight I wanted to add an "etsy mini" (small showcase of items from my shop) to this blog and I was stumped. Then social networking came to my rescue! A nice guy named Tim Adams, who is an etsy artist too, has a blog: where he gives people advice about promoting their shop. He had done a short video (his first one, he said) about just what I needed.

Now you can see for yourself -- on the right-hand side of this posting -- my very own ETSY MINI! Hurray for me! Hurray for etsy! Hurray for Tim Adams! Hurray for social networking! This must be what the 21st century will be like if we don't destroy the planet first!  . . . nuff for now, folks.

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