Friday, October 16, 2009

Beaded Jewelry by Susan: New Listings

I've finally gotten a chance to start the new earring listings from the photos taken on Sunday. This morning, I 've listed quite a few new pieces, including these etched stone earrings. It's interesting how much I've learned over the years about different types of stone and the many processes of etching, faceting, polishing, drilling, etc.

Collecting beads is a fascinating hobby because beads all have a story: where they're from, what they're made out of, how they're made, etc. For example, these carnelian ovals etched with a circular pattern like an "eye" are classic. Since ancient times, beadmakers have been using carnelian as a material for etching. And the eye motif is very old as well; the eye is intended to bring good fortune to the wearer because it fends off the feared "evil eye" that represents a powerful concept for many civilizations, past and present.

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