Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feline Tails: Panther and the "Gym"

Panther is the newest addition to our six-cat third generation of feline friends. He was a rescue kitten who was fostered by a local organization. He is a beauty: sleek, silky medium-long black fur, two white whiskers (one on each side) and gray stomach. He is full of energy -- always hungry for more food, affection, and play -- and full of mischief of all sorts. He's very manipulative with his paws and loves to carry objects upstairs. He delights in ambushing other cats, leaping on them, and wrestling for all he's worth.

One day at the grocery store I spotted this kit to assemble a "cat gym" and figured this might be good for an athletic young feline like Panther. The "Gym" has turned out to be a fun place for all of the cats (except Aunt Angel, more on that later) to play, chase each other, hide out, and snooze. Often, one cat will be inside and another on top, poking at each other through the nylon tent. Sometimes a couple of them will race through the front and back tent openings at high speeds. The various antics have been quite entertaining for us and our friends -- cheap thrills thanks to our feline friends!

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