Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Shopping: Cyber Monday

Well, so-called Black Friday is now behind us. All those who camped out in cold weather to get in stores early that morning are either home (warming up), out doing more shopping, or getting ready to shop online. It's said that this coming Monday, "Cyber Monday," is the biggest online shopping day.

     I would love for folks to shop for gifts this year at my etsy shop Why?

     Mostly because I love to create the jewelry and so selling some makes that more possible, but also because I honestly think my creations would make really lovely gifts. I crafted them all carefully by hand with unusual and beautiful beads. I deliberately used a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, so that there is something for everyone. And I have kept the prices affordable so that a little beauty is possible for most people without spending a lot of money (note: free domestic shipping).
     I made earrings and necklaces that can be worn every day, so there aren't any special holiday styles such as Xmas trees or Santa beads in the collections, but there are some choices that would be nice for wearing to holiday parties. For example, here's the perfect little green necklace. Emerald Crystal and Pearl Necklace.

     Earrings and necklaces are small enough for "stocking stuffers." This Flower Beads on a Chain Necklace would be great for a young girl -- it's short, simple, lightweight, and the multicolored flower beads are so charming.

     Holiday getogethers and events often call for dressy outfits in red or green to match the colors of the season. Here's a pair of Gold Foil and Red Crystal Earrings that would be very elegant with a red party dress.

     Green is great for reminding us of the evergreens, the holly, and so on. But it's also nice to have something that you can wear AFTER the holidays as well. These Classic Jade Earrings fill the bill beautifully -- rich green, but always in style for wear every day of the year.
     I plan to do my modest amount of holiday shopping online for the most part. I can avoid cold weather, traffic jams, parking problems, crowded stores, uninformed salespeople (not their fault, of course), and waiting in line.
     Happy Shopping!

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