Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Armchair Philosophy: It's So Easy

So many of the vital problems facing our society and our world today are enormously complex, interconnected, and in need of solutions of unknown magnitude. It's easy to feel helpless, voiceless, unable to affect any changes as single individuals. Sometimes it seems easy to just give up and give in, to become apathetic about injustices, to ignore warning signs, to become resigned to the ways things are -- when you know deep down that things are not as they need to be for a healthy job or home or society or planet.
   But here's something that makes a difference and that is sooo easy: online activism. Here's all it takes: a few seconds, when you're online already, signing petitions for environmental and human rights concerns that matter to you and clicking on websites that support charities helping to make a difference.
     Here's one of my favorites, a website that allows you -- very very quickly and easily -- to help animals in need, children in need, hungry people, people who need books and help with literacy, people with breast cancer, and our threatened environment -- all in a matter of seconds! Do it today! Rescue Site.


  1. Sometimes I do give up and give in and just focus on my little space in the world and what I can do there. Thank you so much for this website and the opportunities it presents!