Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feline Tails: Angus Wreaks Havoc

We spent part of our weekend searching for a used dining room table set, buying one, getting more than a little help from our friends in transporting it, bringing it in the house, taking out the old set, etc. All of this human activity was motivated by a split-second action on the part of a feline. Yes, Angus leapt, in all his huge black-and-white glory, from the kitchen counter to the extended side leaf of our former drop-leaf table.

    As you can see, he was once a normal, fairly small cat. We were looking for a black and white, and he was a foster with a local rescue organization. He was young, not full-grown, and he looked as though he might not be particularly robust. We had been reading Alexander McCall Smith and decided to name him after a Scottish character named Angus. A friend of ours provided his alternate or sometimes middle name "MacDuff."
We think that Angus is perhaps a Maine Coon mix. But part of him must be Scottish, like his name: he's a wild highland laddie, rough and tough and hardy. What we weren't ready for was his tremendous growth spurt.
    He is now the largest, by far, of the six cats. But sometimes he doesn't seem to know it. He leaps high, hangs down in odd positions, and is still a kitten in some ways. On the other hand, he's also a bit of a bully since it's so easy for him to push the other cats around because of his sheer bulk. He isn't really fat, though. He's muscular and strong and heavy enough to ... well ... wreak havoc and break a table!

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