Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DVDs: Planet Earth

Several years ago at Christmas time, I remember seeing some amazing wildlife and wilderness scenes on a flat screen (fairly novel at the time) at a chain bookstore in our town, demonstrating a BBC America series of DVDs called Planet Earth. I didn't purchase the set, partly because the price was not within my budget (always very modest) and partly because we don't usually buy DVDs as opposed to renting them. Our house is almost totally overwhelmed by books, and so we have finally decided to stick to library books only. We have quite a few CDs for music, but, again, we sample new ones from the library. Then recently, I was choosing DVDs from our online rental site and saw the Planet Earth series. We viewed the three discs over the past weekend, and I have to say that they blew us away. They are amazing, incredible, and phenomenal. They inspire highly emotional feelings about this planet, the creatures large and small that share it with us, and the courageous and immensely patient people who study and photograph it all. Top recommendations, dear readers. Don't miss the opportunity if you can to see things that you will most likely never see in person in your life, to gain an enhanced respect and awe (that is the right word) for the beauty of the Earth.

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