Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beaded Jewelry by Susan: Answers to Forum Questions

Etsy forums are a fun way to meet other crafters, get tips and ideas, and generally vent a bit and promote your shop. Reading and posting there can be addictive and time-consuming! Tonight someone was curious about other crafters and asked some questions. I thought I'd include my answers here for you, dear readers, as well as for the etsians reading the forum.

Why do you make what you do?  It's my passion. I adore collecting unique beads and then they just present themselves to me as gorgeous designs and I have to make them up!

How did you get started? When/why did you become a business?  A coworker was going to a bead store at lunch and I went with. It was a candy store without the calories. Took a beading class and was told it could be addictive. Eighteen years later it's history. I had to start a business because we didn't have enough ears in the family for all the earrings I was suddenly making like mad. Also wanted to pay for new beads!

What else do you do and how do you maintain balance and wholeness with the time suck that is etsy?
I'm a semi-retired teacher of college-level French and English and I do freelance book editing at home online. I have a lot of interests and not a lot of time and energy and some health issues, so I need to pace myself and rest as needed. My husband and my cats help a great deal, as do numerous writers of literary fiction.

Do you describe yourself as an artist?  Probably not most of the time, but this is certainly a creative side to me that comes out in various ways, including my jewelry work. I'd like to have time to do more "art" in terms of returning to painting and drawing some day.

Will you do this forever, or do you have different long-term plans? In your sixties, the word long-term gets tricky, I'm afraid. For now, I am happy beading and hope that mytsy shop will have some sales (only four so far) so I can continue to get new beads to inspire me.

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