Friday, September 16, 2011

What's New?

Fall is in the air, and a variety of things are going on with us. Today, someone included a pair of earrings from Beaded Jewelry by Susan in her Etsy treasury.
Last weekend, we enjoyed the CD release concert by Mean Lids at the Iron Post. Miriam (Mimi) Larson played flute, mouth harp, train whistle, kazoo, and various other "special" musical instruments as well as performing beautiful vocals. Ben Smith tore up the sound barrier with his fantastic violin (and the baritone violin) and did a few very lively banjo numbers as well. He and Matt Turino did some vocals too, and Matt joined in with his fiddle for some numbers and his guitar for others. They did some "old-timey" tunes--Western swing, waltzes, jigs and reels--in the first set and then the second set was straight from the CD and all original instrumental numbers. These were really great because they are all excellent composers as well as accomplished musicians (and they have nice "lids" as well.)
Also managed to discover some wonderful new literary fiction authors lately:  Stefan Merrill Block's The Storm at the Door; Margaret Leroy's The Soldier's Wife; and Ellen Feldman's Lucy.

Thinking ahead to October, I have ordered a big bunch of tiny bulbs: species tulips, the short, small tulips from which the big Holland beauties were developed. They are charming and just the right scale for our raised beds (I am hoping I can plant these myself sitting on the garden bench).
Sara and Theresa Jones are continuing to attend the Saturday Farmer's Market in Urbana with Beaded Jewelry by Susan items for sale, and the Provena Hospital sales to raise funds for the Women's Center continue this month (once a week) and include my earrings as well. I am looking forward to a bead show at the end of October in Collinsville to find some great new beads. Have had a few sales on my Etsy website lately as well!

Last project is trying to get some copyediting work to help with generating some income, so took an editing test today! Hope all goes well for all of you. Please feel free to post comments or questions anytime.

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