Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fast Week

This week really went fast. We went to hear Desafinado as promised on Saturday and I got some photos for the blog. Now here it is Thursday night already and I am just now writing the blog! Tomorrow is David's 70th birthday, so I won't be on the computer ... we've planned a picnic lunch at Homer Lake, some enchiladas for dinner at La Fiesta, and friends coming back for cake afterward. Then on Saturday, Bate Calado, another Brazilian band, at the Iron Post.

This time, we got the new CD by Desafinado, with lots of wonderful originals, some of which they played on Saturday at the Iron Post. Thanks to Hurricane Irene, Giraldo Rosales was still in Costa Rica, so no congas this time.
However, there was plenty of interesting percussion sounds. In addition to mandolin and a small electric guitar-like instrument, Luciano Tosta played tambourines, gourds, whistles, chimes, and "bongers" (my term for the strange instrument).
And Cody Jensen was there with drums and cymbals as well, if you can see him in my dark photo (the lighting in that place isn't much).
It was a real treat to have Greg Jahiel back with the group on guitar and vocals in Portuguese. Greg is also a very talented composer.
 Here's another shot of Greg, but the mike was in the way!
Partway through the first set, George Turner joined the group, with his lovely melody guitar works.
Tom Paynter (are pianists always photographed from the back?) made excellent use of the nicely tuned Baldwin. Tom told me he thinks the Baldwins are as good as the Steinways any day.
You still can't see his face, unfortunately, but Tom's flute is so distinctive, it's a definite ID. He seems completely absorbed in playing piano and then suddenly grabs up the flute at just the right moment and sends a trill thrilling down your spine!
Or he surprise you with the accordion-like sound of the air-driven melodica mounted above the piano. You can't see the tube, but he is blowing while he plays.
This is my last attempt to get a better photo of Tom (not just the nape of his neck) as he returns to the ivories. He did a number of piano solo moments in various pieces that night, and they were truly impressive. His playing is not only virtuoso, but inventive and always intriguing.
Well, her head got cut off here, but you can see the lovely multicolored sundress worn by Elis Artz, great Brazilian singer!
That's better! Elis is back from a couple of months at home in Brazil with a new haircut but the same rich, resonant voice! She's been writing lyrics for some of the new compositions by the band too.
Isn't she lovely?

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