Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Great Saturday Night Gig

Just a quick note to say we enjoyed another great Saturday night music gig at the Iron Post. Bate Calado was playing, and Elis Artz was substituting tonight for Gina Reynolds, who is in Brazil, on several numbers. The music and singing were terrific! Rick Deja's saxophone is so sweet it seems to be talking, singing, and even crying sometimes! He did a number of virtuoso solos, but one in particular was outrageously impressive. Eduardo Herrera's guitar work was also exceptional this evening. As always, the bass with Dave Cubberly, the drums with Andy Burton, and the percussion with Cody Jensen (including the lovely triangle and tambourine) provided just the right mix. There were a number of wonderful tunes by Antonio Carlos Jobim, one of our favorite Brazilian composers, along with some other numbers that we hadn't heard before. Thanks so much, guys!

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