Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flame and Citron

Recently saw a terrific film called Flame and Citron. It's a Danish film based on true events. It's about two bold and amazing men who were heroes of the Danish Resistance in World War Two. The film is beautifully made, with wonderful shots, nuanced color, and excellent framing of scenes throughout. A fair amount of black-and-white original footage of the German invasion of Copenhagen is included and very interesting. It's a very emotional and atmospheric film, but also full of lots of action, romance, intrigue, and superb character development. Another aspect of the film that makes it very worth seeing is that the story shows fully the complexity and ambiguity that is part of resistance work. It isn't always clear who the enemy is and whether or not those being killed are innocent or not. The two characters are portrayed very well by excellent Danish actors. The film is in Danish (and some German) with clear easily readable subtitles. I love films that offer historical knowledge as well as an engaging plot and beautiful visual cinematic elements.

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