Friday, March 18, 2011

What's Happening?

It looks as though the worst of the winter is past us now here in Urbana and daylight savings time has come along to help with the gloomy blues. We're had a lot of rain lately (don't my joints know it!) and it rained again today. But there are signs of life: snowdrops, yellow aconite, adonis, and reticulata iris in bloom (photos to come later when it's not raining).

We had a lovely St. Pat's Day dinner last night. Friends Victoria and Frank joined us for corned beef (from the slow cooker, nice and tender), fresh cabbage (cooked lightly so it still has texture), boiled potatoes (with real butter), and Gala apples and craisins cooked in a light maple sauce. We finished off with pistachio ice cream and lemon Pepperidge farm cookies. Vicki brought some Celtic music CDs to add to the Irish atmosphere and a good time was had by all.

This morning we went to another dance class at Krannert as part of the Dance for Parkinson's program. This was a smaller group, about 14 people, led by two dancers from the U of I dance department. Again, there was piano music and some lovely stretches and movements. I couldn't do everything because my knees are so stiff right now and I think I've pulled my back muscle again, but I used my walker for part of the activity. Everyone was so nice to us!

We followed up the morning's adventure with a quick stop at Panera for bagels and latte and then back home again.

We've got a DVD for this evening and then Brazilian samba tomorrow night (after our usual Saturday library afternoon) with Desafinado and then Bossa Nuevo on Sunday at the library and Django Reinhardt Sunday night. So it's a big weekend for live music! Hope you all have a great weekend too.

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  1. Susan and David, I am impressed by your whirlwind social life these days. The C-U music scene is an eclectic treasure indeed!