Saturday, February 19, 2011

Living Room Makeover

Although it may not be a topic of burning interest for all of you readers out there in cyberspace, this post is about my living room.
Okay, so we're not talking about inclusion in the latest home interior design magazine, but ... there's no place like home. This is the official "before" picture.

So David's recliner was starting to sag (like our bodies ... that's how age works) and we decided to find him a new one. He spends a lot of time there and so it needed to be just right for him and super comfortable.
Wow! Here he is standing behind the new recliner. It's nice and comfy and has two reclining positions and a nice footrest. Of course, he found this chair in the first store we went to. But you know how it is, we had to go to two more stores and think about it overnight before we actually signed on the dotted line and arranged for delivery.

Nearest the kitchen, we had this swivel/glider rocker. Our friend Bob once referred to it as "that hideous chair." Well, I must admit it was not comfortable. It didn't cost much used and we needed something in that spot, but mostly it was sat in by cats (and on top of, eventually tearing the strap holding up the cushion).

Now that spot holds "my new chair" -- what a beauty! I was wandering around the furniture stores while David tried various recliners, sitting in one chair after another when I found one that fit me perfectly! Also, I love the fern pattern so much. And there is a recliner position and footrest.
Our old sofa was originally pretty comfortable and useful. But it was soft and low and deep. We both belong to the generation of people who knew how to "get down" -- but now we have a hard time getting up, especially from soft, low, and deep old sofas! So we very rarely sat on this anymore since it required a crane, forklift, or special heavy equipment to get up. Again, it was used mainly by cats and our friend Bob.
The new sofa is very comfortable (and nice looking) but also firm enough and not so deep, and the arms are sturdy. We can actually sit on it and get off it with relative ease! We chose this one partly because we wanted to harmonize the colors since the furniture (all on winter clearance) wasn't matching. So the couch has dark brown, beige, and burgundy in it. The recliner is brown, the chair we didn't replace is burgundy, and the new chair is cream with brown and grey and olive.
 I think the overall look of the room is greatly improved. Also, it's kind of a thrill for me to have a brand-new sofa for the first time in my nearly sixty-six years of sitting on sofas. We didn't really intend to buy anything but the recliner, but furniture stores have a way of making you reassess all of your present furniture!
Of course, our five feline residents were very interested in the new developments. Here is Angus Macduff checking out the new sofa.
Panther was also very curious about the sofa and decided to try it out right away.
Yang wasn't shy either; he climbed right up there and tested the sofa for comfort.

As it turned out, Panther was even more thrilled with the new fern chair!
Here's a nice shot of Sylvan's beautiful plume of a Maine Coon tail as he investigates the sofa.
Toffee's favorite is always the top of a sofa, so that was his first place to try out on the new one.
Of course, cats also enjoy furniture indirectly, sitting on the laps of the humans sitting on the furniture.
My guess is that they will enjoy all the new furniture, as will we. But the table remains a great place for cats to spread out any time of day.


  1. David and Susan, I am amazed by the difference! Between the wood floor finish and the new comfy furniture it's an entirely different room. LOVE the cat's reactions to everything!

  2. It looks as if the kitties have a beautiful new playground with all kinds of upscale equipment and rides to try out! I agree with them, apparently, that it all looks cozy and inviting!