Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kitchen Tale

In response to a comment by a dear reader, I'm posting some thoughts about cooking. I haven't any photos of our small and ordinary kitchen at the moment, but perhaps that will come in time. Mainly, I want to praise the totally delightful film we recently watched on DVD called Julie and Julia. Meryl Streep really embodies the image of Julia Child, famous TV chef, that I have in my mind from growing up in the fifties. And the modern story of Julie, the woman who cooks (and blogs) her way through Julia's recipes in a year, is also great, and the two stories are artfully intertwined. The film makes you laugh -- and it makes you dream of food! Of course, as a former French teacher, the very thought of French food sends me over the top.

But, I have to admit that I do not have the time, energy, money, or inclination to prepare gourment food in my own home. I have been cooking since I was under ten years old (with help from my grandmother for a time), and I try to make most dishes primarily "from scratch" using fresh (and inexpensive) ingredients that are supposed to be good for you. I have a tendency to scan cookbooks in stores and online recipes and then make up sort of composite, eclectic versions according to my cupboard contents and my whims. I don't measure exactly or keep track very well -- even though David says my seasoning sense is great and that I can make a delicious meal out of almost anything! So I don't usually have "repeat" recipes to pass on. Like the beaded jewelry, I'm afraid that each dish is pretty much "one-of-a-kind."

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