Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ask Me, Please!

I know that I have some followers on Susan's Blog (heartfelt thanks!), but so far not too many folks have left a comment. I also know that some of you, dear readers, may be interested in topics other than beaded jewelry. (It's so easy to believe that the whole world is passionately involved in whatever I am currently involved in! :)

There are many topics I could write a blog post about -- books, cats, flowers, AND opinions and thoughts about almost anything of interest -- but I'd like to write about what you'd like to hear about. So ... ASK ME, PLEASE!

Two caveats:

It's too cold here to go out and take photos of anything around town, and I don't think you want to see pics like "Susan cooking dinner" or "David recycling." So the posts in response to your questions may not involve photos.

Also, I prefer to avoid the minefield of directly political and religious issues that trigger a lot of emotion and reaction -- no stepping on toes or falling into databases.

That said, I am pretty open to discussing many issues, and I hope to be interesting, informative, and maybe even entertaining in the process. So don't hesitate or procrastinate: write a comment now with your question for me!


  1. Susan, how about a book that you have read lately?

  2. You should totally take a photo of you Susan cooking and David recycling. That would be fun!

    If you do like cooking maybe post a favorite recipe and photos of some of the steps and finished product? All indoors :)