Friday, March 5, 2010

What's New

I've made a few additions to what you can access from this blog. I just added quite a few photos from the Christmas craft show and from a jewelry photo shoot to my photostream on flickr. Photos on flickr offer a look at my show displays and my studio, as well as my husband and myself.

I have also added some of my favorite links to the group of links shown on the bottom right of this blog page. There is a link now for Handmade Spark so you can keep up to date on the articles I publish there.

Also, I've included my favorite site for helping out with a quick click, the Animal Rescue Site. This site makes it easy to do a quick click for the rainforest, literacy, child health, breast cancer, and world hunger. What a nice thing to do every day!

The petfinder site is a wonderful way to locate a cat or dog who needs a home. There are listings for shelters all over the country and photos of animals available for adoption. You can usually get an e-mail address for more information about a particular animal.

There's a link to Doonebury, the Gary Trudeau cartoon that I"ve been following for about forty years now. It's often the source of the best insights into current political and social issues and always good for a laugh as well. At this point, I feel like I know the characters as well as some people I know!

The Pandora Radio link is fun too. I had a post about it last year. The music genome project involves getting input from the listeners in order to choose music that is closer and closer to what they would like. It's free music and it's interesting.

I hope you enjoy these links and the photos on flickr.

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