Monday, March 8, 2010

New Article about Bone Beads

I just published another article on Handmade Spark. This one is all about the wide variety of lovely beads made of bone. I find that I really enjoying writing these articles and taking photos to illustrate my points. My enthusiasm for beads of all kinds abounds, and this is a way to share that with others who might be interested. This time there are photos of beads in boxes, beads of particular colors with markings and patterns and carvings, finished jewelry designs using bone beads, and even a cat photo!
I hope that, this time, none of my readers will have a "bone to pick" with me! Let me know if you liked the article and want more ... please!


  1. Susan, a wonderful article! I was tweeting about it a few minutes ago! Your writing is exquisite.

  2. I read your article on bone beads and I am really impressed! Very interesting! I learned something new! Thank you!