Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Last of the Fall Color

These photos were taken quite a few weeks ago, before the last batch of leaves turned brown and the high winds blew them off the trees. Today the garden is covered, albeit lightly, with that cold white stuff. So it's nice to remember the fall color, eh?

The hard maples always make a nice show, very yellow and cheerful. This one is just across the street from us.
It is hard to beat the Japanese maples for spring and fall color. The leaves are beautifully shaped, too, so they are lovely when green in summer as well. We put this one in the southeast corner of the yard about sixteen years ago.
The hydrangea heads on Incrediball were white, turned green, and then took on a rusty brown at the end.
Can't get enough of the red this fall. It's even pretty after the leaves have come down and the ground is sprinkled with red.
There are two of these Japanese maples, slightly different leaf shape and one of them comes from a single trunk but the other from multiple trunks.
This shot shows the leaf shape better. The edges are quite sharp.
I like to sit under the maple and look up through it at the sun on the leaves.
The Korean spice bush viburnum is a lovely early spring bloomer, but here's some fall interest as well.
The holly didn't fruit much this year since the firethorn stole the show.
Several of our mature hostas take on this bright yellow fall hue.
We have two kousas, Chinese dogwoods, in the north, and both have lovely autumnal colors.

Nice to see the contrasts: red Japanese maple, yellow hard maple, green arborvitae.
Another beautiful neighborhood tree.
See how green the arborvitae remain in the fall (and winter)?
Another Japanese maple in a neighbor's yard.
The fothergilia, a spring bloomer, has nice coloration now.
Another sign of late fall: the houseplants have been brought inside and the plant table is now empty.
Our Japanese maple in the north is a highly dissect, cutleaf variety. It's small but exquisite and has the same brilliant fall display as the larger ones.
Here's another, slightly different variety, Chinese dogwood in the north yard.
This hydrangea, blue billow, has nice purple coloration in the fall.
This was indeed the year of the firethorn. This pyracantha has been in fruit for months now and is still going with snow on the berries this morning!
Leaves on the ramp and low-angle shadows ... sure signs of fall. Maybe the next blog will be Christmas decorations and snow photos!

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