Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Year Anniversary Today!

I took some more great flower photos in the garden yesterday, but I figured that you readers needed a break from constant florals maybe. Besides, it's a momentous occasion: it's the one-year anniversary of the opening of Beaded Jewelry by Susan, my Etsy shop. Yes, it's been a whole year. To celebrate, I listed three new items tonight. First, these charming Red Rose Earrings.

Next, the Blue Dot Lampwork earrings that are so elegant yet playful!

And third, these fairytale swirls: Crystal and White Lampwork earrings.

I've had a great time learning about Etsy, lots of computer stuff, photography (including what not to do;  hopefully, I will learn how to improve), and, last but not least, BLOGGING! Yes, dear readers, if I hadn't opened my Etsy shop a year ago, I probably would never have started Susan's Blog, which has given me such pleasure. I love sharing with you my jewelry making tales, my garden photos, my cat pics, my quick comments on novels I liked, and so on. I have also enjoyed very much writing articles for Handmade Spark.

It's too bad that I've only had 17 sales in a whole year, but I am still hopeful. Help spread the word if you can! I am certainly not ready yet to give up! My earrings sell very well face-to-face at the local shows, so I am sure that if enough folks online can find my shop, they will see what lovely possibilities await them. I have more than 300 items on the site now, but that is only about ONE-FOURTH of my present inventory. And I would love to have a great excuse to make many more pairs of earrings and maybe even some necklaces as well. It's an addiction, of course, but a joyful one that does no one harm :)

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