Friday, February 19, 2010

Handmade Spark

A fellow Etsian, Tim Adam, has started a new blog called Handmade Spark. As he explains, "Handmade Spark delivers useful and innovative information to handmade buyers and sellers. Our key goal is to introduce buyers and sellers to each other. Additionally, we aim to inform people about the latest handmade trends, showcase the people and work that make up the handmade community, and educate sellers about promoting and buyers about finding great handmade goods all across the Internet."

One of the features of the site is the Writers section, and guess who has just become a regular writer!? Yours truly, dear readers. I am so excited about participating in this project. In fact, I've already published my first article: Organizing and Storing a Collection.

In this article, I talk about the evolution of my bead collection over the past twenty years and about what kinds of decisions I made in organizing and storing the many different kinds of beads. There are lots of photos, nifty and colorful closeups of compartments full of bead goodies, throughout the article.

If you are interested in beads or in the topic of how to organize other craft materials, you might enjoy reading this piece. If you are a buyer or a seller of handmade goods, you might want to check out the Handmade Spark directory and search options as well. Enjoy!

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