Monday, December 28, 2009

Friendly Etsians

     I know it sounds a bit like the name of a group from another planet in a sci-fi movie, but "Friendly Etsians" is actually a very down-to-earth and appropriate phrase. I'm talking about people who have shops on Etsy and how friendly, helpful, and generous a number of them have been to me. In earlier posts, I've mentioned folks who featured me and my beaded jewelry on their blogs. Others have helped by offering advice based on Etsy experience that goes well beyond mine.

     Another Etsian who has an online shop where she sells her beautiful fiber beads (Ebrown2503) is local, and we've gotten together.

     She was generous enough to bring over her camera with its superior macro capabilities and take some photos of my jewelry recently. Soon I will be listing some new earrings using much bigger photos!
     This got me thinking about Etsians and the kinds of cameras they need to do photos for their shops, and I contacted Tim Adam (TimothyAdamDesigns), who does a lot of Etsy marketing tips on his blog. Tim decided to use my idea of finding out about Etsians' cameras and he's got a camera survey going right now. He was also kind enough to include a credit for the idea to me and a link to my Etsy shop. Hurray! Thanks, you friendly Etsians!  See the survey at



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